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How to Create a Business PlanExplore why a business plan is important for your business and how to create one.
How to Finance your BusinessWatch this video to know more about ways to finance your business.
Profitability RatiosAnalyze the profitability of your company to discern which activities or assets are making money for you.
The Cashflow StatementLearn how to create a cash flow statement and why your business will benefit from it.

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Download the balance sheet template to record your assets and liabilities. A balance sheet is a financial "snapshot" of your business at a given date in time. Create a balance sheet for you company, using this balance sheet template.
This tutorial explains the relationship between the balance sheet and the income statement, two out of three major financial statements for businesses.
time value of money This tutorial discusses the time value of money. Join us to learn the difference between the present and the future value of money.
Use the attached form to assess your customers' perceptions of your products, and to develop appropriate modifications and new ...
Online Marketing Strategies - SME Toolkit provides online marketing checklist which is helpful to your website to rank well and to get more traffic.

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