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SME Toolkit training for entrepreneurial development

Simple Alliance, Kenya Limited

Training and development are important aspects to any entrepreneur in a quest to obtain the most effective business management techniques for business growth. The training methods employed to a great extent dictate what an entrepreneur gains form such a training program.

Excellent training with great take home

The SME Toolkit training that has been on-going at the IFC centre could be that which Kenyan entrepreneurs have been waiting for to facilitate effective growth of their establishments and easy management of the same. Facilitated by a team of experts well versed is financial management, who have adopted excellent training methods, entrepreneurs are bound to take home a lot of resource after graduating from these trainings. The four half day sessions that see you completing four important modules of business operations are interesting and the participants always look forward to the next session.

Participants’ interactivity

The training program is pretty much interactive with the trainers always seeking to find out how much the participants have learnt and also seeking their insights on the areas being covered. The nature of participants being that they come from different industries sees to it that there is much to learn among and between themselves and the trainers. The approach used by the trainers has seen the training become an insightful one in the areas covered which includes:

  • Marketing and Customer Service
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources and Operations
  • Management
  • Business Planning

This is achieved through in-depth discussion of each topic discussed during the training. The encouragement by the trainers for participation by all sees the success of this a lot.  

Practical lessons

To complement the interactivity the practicality of the sessions is a feature that makes them even more special and a must attend for entrepreneurs. With laptops obtained by IFC available for the training sessions the participants are able to access the toolkit and follow the demonstrations by the trainers. The use of audio visual channels has made it a lot easy to follow the sessions and especially when it comes to access of the accounting tools available in the toolkit.

Networking among entrepreneurs

The need for networking among small business owners is fully satisfied through these training as they get to discuss a lot among themselves. It is amazing that they have even been able to conduct business within the time that they have been undertaking the training that started on the 17th of April 2012. There have been suggestions from a section of them that they find opportunity to visit each other’s establishments and find out what aspects learnt during the SME toolkit training has been employed by each and how effective it has been.

The SME Toolkit training at IFC centre has a lot for the small business segment, considerately organised with insightful modules handled by expert and interesting trainers the training has a lot to take home by the entrepreneurs. The opportunity to network through these trainings is a resource for the participants and their contribution to the SME Toolkit through the experiences they have had in their various fields cannot be ignored. With two classes underway and the next one set to start on the 5th of June, you would not want to miss this timely opportunity to improve your business.

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John Njoroge  |  March 18, 2015
Hi. Please confirm the latest trainings scheduled for 2015 and whether there are any planned outside Nairobi.
  • Currently 3.0/5 Stars.
Alex Ofio  |  October 02, 2012
Mr. Ganatra Though this is a tad late you could use the form on the contact page and get mor information Regards
  • Currently 1.0/5 Stars.
D Ganatra  |  September 24, 2012
When is the next Training Workshop, there are no details of it. Yet I recently saw an advert on the back page of Nation newspaper, stating a date in October. The information is not upto date on this website and accessibility along with navigation is like going through a maze, trial and error to make your way around. With that how do you advocate creating efficient business cases with the TOOLKIT when this website itself has a lot to be desired of!! Please get the information and GUI and Indexing of data in order before you have SME's like us on your website.