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SME Toolkit First Training Session

Simple Alliance, Kenya Limited

The importance of understanding the SME Toolkit by business owners cannot be overemphasised and hence the timeliness of the on-going trainings by DTB, IFC and Simple Alliance have been a great reprieve to entrepreneurs who would like to delve a bit more into areas to do with Marketing and Customer Service Financial Management Human Resources and Operations Management Business Planning.

Impressive turnout

For a pilot programme the turnout by participants has been impressive an indication that Kenyan entrepreneurs are alive to the fact that embracing technology is a sure way in ensuring that their businesses are successful. This is a challenge as it has made us realise we need to put in more effort to satisfy the needs of these entrepreneurs who want to learn more on the SME Toolkit.

Encouraging feedback

Feedback has been encouraging from the participants who have asserted that the sessions have been very useful to them and especially due to the fact that they are able to immediately access the toolkit and familiarise themselves with it right inside the training room. This has been facilitated by the IFC’s purchase of laptops to be used during the classes, an especially positive reinforcement. The participants are also appreciative of the tools, the training, the articles and the templates that have been made available on the SME, features that have really made the training a lot easy to understand. Through networking with each other they have been able to exchange a lot of valuable resources and in some instances even conducted business with each other. And to show their zeal for success in their small businesses they have shown diligence in doing their weekly assignments and are always ready to share them. This has been a great source of encouragement for the trainers.


Half a day each week

The organisation of the training sessions has been a great incentive for the participants considering they don’t have to be away from their business places for longer than necessary. They only have to spare for half a day every week. The broad overview approach of each topic area covered under each module followed by visiting the SME Toolkit to access the resources and information available to that particular topic has worked to generate a lot of interest among the participants.

Thirst for knowledge in other towns

In realisation of the need for business owners to learn more about the SME Toolkit and knowledge that we will be having more entrepreneurs developing interest in the training there are plans of starting the next class on 5th June 2012. This is further reinforced by the inquiries made by entrepreneurs about possible training sessions in Mombasa and Nakuru which is in consideration and shall be taken up once Nairobi has gathered enough momentum.


That the SME toolkit training is a resource to business owners, cannot be rivalled and this has been clearly indicated by the results of the first training session. The impressive turnout for a pilot programme, the encouraging feedback by the participants and the opportunities obtained through networking are proof enough of how much these trainings work for the good of the small business community. This as realised by others even outside Nairobi will see to a revamped SME sector in Kenya and hence a stable economy.

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