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SME Toolkit & Business Edge Practitioners Workshop - May 2012 in Benin

Simple Alliance, Kenya Limited

You are invited to attend a two day practitioners workshop in Benin, Cotonou, May  22nd - 23rd 2012. This event will be an opportunity to review the SME Toolkit and Business Edge products and business model with our partners and clients through interactive thematic sessions. Participants will include Business Edge Master Trainers, SME Toolkit partners in Africa and partners from outside of the region who are already investing in and working on eLearning projects.

The dates have been selected to coincide with the Africa eLearning Conference (24th to 25th May),  the continent’s largest gathering of high-level decision makers and practitioners from education, business and government, with the focus on 'eLearning and Sustainability'. IFC will participate in the conference through workshop and speaker engagement to showcase the products in place and exchange views on developing eLearning capacities in Africa. On the 23rd, Farmer and SME Training product practitioner workshop sessions will be run in parallel with other pre-conference events.   


Tuesday 22 May: IFC SME Solutions Practitioners Workshop

  • SME Products: looking back; celebrating the now; focus for the future
  • Business Edge:
    • Corporate Deals: making it happen, from sales pitch to capturing results
    • Support structure to partners: hearing from partners on how IFC could assist better and where the development needs exist
  • SME Toolkit:
    • Making more effective use of Social Media
    • Search Engine Optimization to drive traffic for free
    • Keeping up with Mobile Technology developments: applications of the SMS feature
  • Measuring impact of facilitated learning: value to the business and its clients
  • Blended learning approaches to our products: interactive learning at scale

Wednesday 23 May: Pre-conference Events hosted by IFC

  • Creating online SME training on a shoestring

Presenters: Seth Fleisher [SME Toolkit], Jack Orsulak [SME Toolkit], Hermann Cakpo [H&C Business Technologies]

Description: participants will be taught on  how to use simple, hands-on tools for creating online video training modules targeted at small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

  • From blended learning  to  e-learning

Panelists: Rohit Agarval [S Chand], Mark Nielsen [Business Edge], Bilal Musharraf [Khan Academy]

Description: 10 key questions to ask yourself for efficient training; blended learning and different platforms to share knowledge; re-inventing the classroom.

Thursday 24 May: Conference Parallel Sessions hosted by IFC

  • Why the Private Sector invests in training

Panelists: Remi Abere [IBM], Catarina Salite [BHP Billiton], George Brakoh [Newmont]

Description: major international players from the private sector (ICT, Mining, Agribusiness) will speak about their experience in facilitating training: the rationale behind the business decision, training platforms and channels, innovative approaches.

  • Knowledge sharing at scale - the IFC way

Panelists: Mark Nielsen [Business Edge Master Trainer], Leanne Viviers [SME Toolkit], Michel Botzung [Business Edge]

Description: IFC will present the Business Edge and SME Toolkit products and knowledge sharing services that are deployed for developing the private sector, in particular small and medium enterprises (SMEs).


IFC will cover the cost of 2 nights accommodation in Benin, reserved at the Novotel Hotel and half the cost of your flight (economy class). The same offer is extended to the 2nd delegate from your organization should you wish that another member attends. We will also cover the full conference fee for the 1st delegate of your organization. 

Please reply by the 30th April to Angelita Yacat at, also stating your arrival and departure dates and whether you will be attending theconference (24th to 25th). If you will be attending the conference, please also provide your full address and contact details for registration purpose. Hotel reservation will be made on your behalf and flight subsidization will be reimbursed following the conference. A letter of invitation for the purpose ofvisa application will be provided upon request.

With best regards,

The IFC SBA FaST Team.

Copyright (C) 2016, Simple Alliance Kenya Limited

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