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Template Statement of Invoice

Simple Alliance, Kenya Limited

Accounts Receivable

Your accounts receivable record constitutes an important cash flow element. This information enables you to have an accurate view of your future cash inflows. Normally, you key in figures in your accounts receivable account based on the sums your debtors owe you.

Managing Your Accounts Receivable

So as to effectively control your accounts receivable, you need to accomplish two important tasks. These responsibilities include: 

  • Keeping an accurate log of your owing accounts
  • Forwarding exact monthly statements to each of your debtors

Up-to-Date Accounts Receivable Records

To record your accounts receivable figures, you need to keep a precise accounts receivable register for every one of your customers with owing bills. Accounts receivable are customer accounts. Within this accounts receivable ledger, you include transaction details such as:

  • Payments
  • Charges
  • Outstanding balances     

Monthly Forwarding of Receivable Statements   

Once sent, these receivable reports give each of your debtors a summary of their debit and credit transactions with you. The form of invoice statement also indicates the amount that each customer owes you. Essentially, it is a reminder of your debtors’ financial obligation to settle the owing debt.      

Suitable Aid

Efficiency is usually sought by all of us. To make your recording of accounts receivables and posting of monthly statements to your debtors, we have developed a template MS Excel spreadsheet. The Excel software is of version 4.0 and above.

Two in One Convenience

The template statement of invoice document, contained within the attached file, merges two of your accounts receivable tasks, namely:

  • The recording of your accounts receivable transactions
  • The remitting of monthly statements to your debtors   

Using the Template

To download the customer statement of account template, you need to click on the below link. You then copy the file to your Start/Excel directory. This action will allow you to use the file. 

Special Features

Using the customer statement of account template offers you several benefits, including:

  • The template allows you to download it only once and use it over and over
  • It enables you to monitor your accounts receivable transactions for every debtor
  • It allows you to transmit accurate accounts receivable accounts to each of your debtors 
  • The template is fully customisable; you can delete, add, or move its elements as you like


Customer Statement of Account Template



A statement of invoice or customer statement of account is a business document that displays the monies each of your debtors’ owing monies. This customer account document is useful in instances whereby you have credit arrangements with customers. The customer statement of account, a form of invoice, stipulates the charges you impose on a specific customer, the cash amount you have already received, as well as the outstanding debt. Using the figures in this document, you dispatch up-to-date monthly updates of owing monies to each of your customers. The attached template customer statement of account document is useful to you. It helps you to closely keep tabs on your accounts receivable. Monthly dispatches of the documents to each of your debtors remind them of their fiscal obligations to your business.  The template statement of account document enables you to keep organised debtor records.

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