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Cash Flow Projections – Sensitivity Analysis Spreadsheet

Simple Alliance, Kenya Limited

Cash Flow

Cash flow refers to the movement of finances to the inside or outside of your business. Normally, you measure your business’ cash flow during a specified time period.

Cash Flow Sensitivity

The effects of variations in cash requirements on your business cash flow values are termed as your cash flow sensitivity.  

Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis

Cash flow sensitivity analysis is a financial operation in which your carry out two main tasks, namely:

  • Forecasting of possible alterations in your business’ cash expenditures and receipts
  • Determination of the effects of cash flow fluctuations on the cash requirements of your business

A Handy Analysis Tool    

So as to make your accounting work more convenient, we have developed a pre-formatted cash flow sensitivity analysis worksheet for your use. The template is found in the attached MS Excel file. The file is of version 5.0 and above.  

Using the Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis Template

So as to use the provided worksheet, you need to click on and download the file. You then need to copy the file onto your start or excel directory. You reap various attractive advantages from using the template.   

Benefits of the Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis Model

  • The template offers extra convenience as it already has majority of the cash outflow and inflow categories
  • You just need to key in your figures without necessarily having to generate categories
  • The template is automated, ensuring that you right away get the totals of your input figures  
  • If you desire, you can quickly modify the spreadsheet by deleting or adding the categories
  • The spreadsheet requires you to download it only once; afterwards use it as many times as necessary 
  • The template is already formatted for cash flow sensitivity analysis, thus offering you more convenience 
  • The spreadheet shows you the behaviour of your cash when your cash flkow outcomes exceed your projections by a margin of five percent   
  • The template will show you how your cash will behave if your cash outcomes are below your forecasts by 5%    

Cash flow is the movement of monies inside or outside of your in business at a specific time. Your cash flow values are usually affected by cash requirements at different points within a trading period. These effects constitute your cash flow sensitivity values. Cash flow sensitivity analysis is the process of making projections about your cash revenues and cash disbursements. Sensitivity analysis also involves your determination of how changes in your cash outflows and inflows will impact on your business’ cash requirements.  To make your cash flow sensitivity analysis task more convenient, we have prepared a fully formatted analysis template. The worksheet is in the attached MS Excel (version 5.0 and above) file. to use the cash flow sensitivity analysis template, download the file and save it onto your Start directory. The worksheet offers you a number of significant benefits. it is automated for increased ease of use. You can customise the template as per your needs and preferences.  The worksheet is able you make projections about your cash requirements based on various cash flow scenarios. Moreover, you only need to download the file once and then reuse it as many timer as you like.

Copyright (C) 2016, Simple Alliance Kenya Limited

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