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Household Budget Template

Simple Alliance, Kenya Limited

Family Budget

Your monthly family budget enables you to effectively organise your domestic finances. Using the household budget, you are able undertake a number of important functions, including:

  • Categorising your expenditures
  • Managing your expenses
  • Making comparisons about your planned and actual expenditure transactions
  • Easily determining whenever your actual expenses are above your projected expenditures       

A Handy Help

So as to demystify the process of preparing your home budget, we have prepared a budget worksheet that you can easily use for this task. The template is in the attached Ms Excel file.   

Family Budget Model

Our template family monthly budget covers a period of twelve months. It contains a detailed list of every month of the year. This month-by-month budget tool is adequately detailed so as to allow you to have a clear grasp of each of your expense and income transactions.     

Your Part

The attached MS Excel family monthly budget template is of version 5.0. Your computer thus needs to have this version, or a higher one, installed. You need to clink on the below link so as to begin the download. After downloading the file, you need to copy in onto your Start or Excel directories.  What remains is using the file.     

Advantages of the Attached Model Family Monthly Budget

You stand to derive a number of significant benefits from your use of the attached file. Some major advantages include:

  • Added convenience
  • Single download requirement
  • Ease of use
  • Provision for customisation
  • Automatic computation capability 


The attachment already has majority of the key expense and income categories, thus offering you useful handiness.  


Once you download the attached file, you straight away key in the various expense and income figures in their respective categories. This feature offers you ease of use.    

Easily Customisable Format

We are aware that your nature of business or your preferences may differ from the ones factored in while creating the family monthly budget template. To address this issue, we have designed the file in such a way that you can easily change it as per your desires. You can easily omit or include new expense and income categories into the file. This feature caters for differing user requirements and preferences.     

Programmed Calculation Ability 

For a pleasant user experience, we have ensured that the attached family budget model has automatic calculation capabilities. This means that once you key in your expense and income figures in the various categories, your file will quickly give you a total of the items in the list.     

Only One Download Requirement

You will most likely be attracted to the single download feature of the attached family budget template. After downloading and it to your Start directory, you do not need to undertake another download. Rather, you will use the file as many times as you need.


Family Monthly Budget Worksheet

For proper management of your domestic finances, you need to prepare a household budget. Usually, preparing the budget for every month of the year for a rolling twelve month-period is convenient. This is because you are able to better understand the various expense and income tractions for a single month as compared to for a whole year. Your monthly home budget enables you to examine your actual expenses against your projected expenditures. This security enables you to determine instances where you overspend. The attached fully customisable, easy to use, automated monthly family budget worksheet will allow you to prepare a family budget. Download the MS Excel file and copy in onto your Start directory. Use it as many times as you like.

Copyright (C) 2016, Simple Alliance Kenya Limited

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