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Best among IT training programs aimed at strengthening the Kenya SME sector through better business analysis tools

Simple Alliance, Kenya Limited

The Content Management Training (CMT) for the Kenya SME Toolkit content managers is underway at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) offices in Upper Hill Nairobi. The training, facilitated by Jack Orsulak and Duncan Ogweno of IFC is aimed at arming the content managers with best practices that will see them offer an up to game tool that will help small business owners perform effective business analysis. The team of content managers is drawn from different departments of SME Toolkit’s partner in Kenya, Diamond Trust Bank.

Detailed training for all managers

The three day training, which is a well detailed and one that would be termed as world class among it training programs covers basic content management practices that could be handled on a day to day basis as well as providing insights on the complex IT functions, both aimed at ensuring that the Kenya SME Toolkit is well managed for the benefit of the small business owners in Kenya through a constant, uniform and top of the class frequent update.

Learning through collaboration and team work

The training brings together the technical team that deals with the actual update and the marketing team that works on the content that goes on the toolkit and devices strategies that see the effectiveness of the toolkit to SME’s in Kenya emphasising the importance of team work and understanding each other in the creation of successful establishments. This will definitely trickle down to the Small business that subscribe to the Kenya SME Toolkit through the trainings offered to business owners.

Training the trainers

In a case that would be seen as training the trainers, the Kenya SME segment has a lot to earn from this as they await a kit that will offer them exactly that which will satisfy their wants and needs for their business and see all the questions they may have as pertains business operations answered. And as we prepare to have websites for participating SMEs this is sure going to be a great resource for them as they will receive a lot in terms of website optimisation.

Improved toolkit

The three day training that will run through Thursday is an interactive process that has seen the participants share insights on how best to go about the optimisation of the SME Toolkit for the benefit of the business owners. Through discussions there has been a lot of progress that will ensure an improved toolkit in the near future.

The on-going Content Management Training for the Kenyan SME toolkit content managers facilitated by IFC is a blessing to the SME segment in the country, that will see business owners have the much needed information for their business development in addition to gaining a lot in terms on how to handle their personal business websites. With a formidable team drawn from the partner’s technical and marketing departments, the end of the Content Management Training is bound to create a significant change in the Kenyan SME Toolkit segment.

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