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Excloosive; a successful business model that is the envy of every entrepreneur

Simple Alliance, Kenya Limited

Success is synonymous with Moses Nderitu’s business; he has been running a successful business for the past eight years after a fifteen year stint in freelance employment as a T.V producer. When discussing business success stories his cannot be ignored, as was evident during his interview with Angela Angwenyi and Edward Kwach of Easy FM, on Monday 28th May 2012, on drive time’s 21 Questions segment. Motivated by an idea he saw in South Africa and the need for sanitation during T.V. production, Moses says he was forced to start the Excloosive business enterprise that deals with waste management after the purchase of four toilets. Today, Excloosive is a common brand in Nairobi with an office in Mombasa and a partner in Kisumu.

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The Excloosive success story is attributed to hard work and strategic planning in various areas including:

  • Strong and relevant marketing techniques
  • Clear and well thought out diversification and expansion strategies
  • Strong drive towards success despite various challenges including financing
  • An appropriate business leadership style

Customer experience as a strong marketing tool

Marketing is a key area in communicating your message and making a sale. During the start-up stages of his business Nderitu’s approach coupled with patience and perseverance has seen Excloosive become a popular enterprise over the eight years of operation, serving people in various capacities and focusing on a successful customer experience. “Excloosive has been built by customer experience and the feedback that then they tell somebody else and so on…the word of mouth”, says Nderitu.

Business expansion and diversification

Every business owner dreams of expanding and diversifying their business and there is no better example than Moses who tapped into the opportunity based on Kenya’s new system; introduction of counties. Identifying potential opportunities is necessary for each business owner as they think of expansion and venturing into new areas. By realising and appreciating the market scenario, Moses opts for a franchise like arrangement, which will be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs in other areas as they will be availed with opportunity to also venture into the waste management industry and emulate the winning standards that Excloosive has set so far.

Financing advice

The financing headache that mars a lot of businesses would definitely be sorted if potential entrepreneurs learnt to refine their ideas and begin with that which is available to them. A result driven approach is far more beneficial than an idea on paper. “You need to get the idea refined, you even try and start it as in whatever resources you have, and try and get it out there, once you get it out there then people want to invest or people want to put money in something they can see”, advices Moses.

Business leadership

Adopting business leadership styles suitable for your business is a key factor in ensuring business success. A hands on approach may work for your business while motivating your employees as you instruct them on how best to handle a task, the other leadership strategies may include guidance through word of mouth, important aspect is learning the strategy that would work best for any business and designing it in a way that best suits your organisation.

Humble beginnings, patience, identification of possible gaps, learning and understanding your competition and working smart on any opportunities that present themselves is a characteristic of the exclusive journey Excloosive has gone through and there is a lot for other prospective and current business owners to learn from as you listen to this interview (here - hyperlinked) and learn more on business development.

Giving back to the community through Corporate Social Responsibility would be a great avenue of maintaining goodwill for your business among the community.

Download the 21 Questions interview

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