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Meet women in business who work hard and smart turning small businesses into great enterprises

Simple Alliance, Kenya Limited

Women in business is a growing concept in Kenya and when it happens that the woman in question is a young woman under 40, a lot of hard work must have been put in to achieve success. Meet Dorothy Gituba who runs the greatest of production companies and attributes this to her expertise in raising funds and the realisation that in addition to investing in ideas we need to invest in people. “I learnt from the get go that companies invest in people not only ideas and so I learnt how to convince people by just being myself” she told Edward Kwach and Angela Angwenyi on Easy FM and hers is a story of passion and a dream for great opportunities.

Download the 21 Questions interview

Dorothy speaks of her journey from a project manager to a CEO and all that was involved including the daunting task that faces every entrepreneur when starting a business, the financing ghost. This is when she best put her fund sourcing skills into practice and this she has complemented with the following to see the success of Spielworks Media:

  • Identifying and creating opportunity
  • Bringing out the entrepreneur in her
  • Dreaming big for the business
  • Understanding the market
  • Business relevance

The pull and push into entrepreneurship

Starting a business is pegged on different levels for different people and as it is there are those who possess the requisite skills and drive to become entrepreneurs, Dorothy admits she always knew she was uncomfortable working for someone else, she always wanted to be her own boss, she was restless while a salaried person and hence her drive to start her own business. The restlessness pushed her and the pull from the urge for self-employment complemented.

When opportunity and preparation meet

Dorothy defines luck as the point at which opportunity and well preparedness meet and advices that an entrepreneur should always work on being the best with the available resources. Passion is a great aspect of each small business owner and Dorothy loves what she does and appreciates that which her competitors in the market are doing.

Dream big, dream wise

Like any other entrepreneur, Dorothy too dreams; she dreams big and would like to introduce new concepts into the Kenya production industry, the purple cow that will set her apart from every other producer in Kenya. She would like to introduce period pieces. Having said this Dorothy reiterates that she does not dream blindly and would like to consider market trends before venturing into any aspect of TV production. She is keen on financial rationale and would not just jump into any sea before evaluating it and finding out how much it can bring to the table. An appreciation of the power of partnerships and advantages it has on businesses has led Dorothy to this path of success.

Target market

Understanding the market is one aspect that sees the success of business and therefore entrepreneurs should always doctor their products and services to cater for the needs of those in their local markets and not like any other person does it elsewhere. Dorothy tells stories that relate to Kenya and this has contributed a lot to the success of her productions.

Entrepreneurs should learn to create their own opportunities and not just wait to shine under any other persons light. Dreaming one’s own dream is what counts as opposed to helping someone else build their own dreams.

Dorothy’s word for potential entrepreneurs is one meant to prepare them; it always is hard work before you would start eating the fruit and says you have to work smart and work hard. Businesses will only thrive when they are well thought out and effort is put in to see them develop through the journey to success. “It’s very difficult, so you must be tenacious, and you must have a discipline, and you must have such a thick skin…….so you must be prepared to work and must have a long term vision….” Advises the Spielworks Media CEO as she speaks on (21 Questions – Hyperlinked.) 

Download the 21 Questions interview

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