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Craft silicon driving its way to business success

Simple Alliance, Kenya Limited

The implementation of an inverted organisational structure and a great eye for opportunity are key factors that Kamal Budhabatti attributes to his success at Craft silicon as he spoke to Edward Kwach of Easy FM on 21 questions. , His constant referral to Craft Silicon as ‘We’ stresses that although he is CEO and sits at the helm, each member of the organisation contributes heavily toward the business decisions and growth and thus are owners too. Determination and aggression, passion and hard work are among key characteristics that have led to the success of Craft Silicon, other characteristics that have contributed to its success include::

  • Concentrating on positives
  • Business strategy
  • Inclusion
  • Hard work

Download the 21 Questions interview

Passion for software development

Kamal jokes of the inconsistency between what he studied in school and his passion and highlights the importance of passion in business ideas. He admits that he was among the last students in class and dropping out of his course prior to final exams at university, but that, did not deter him from hitting the pinnacles he wanted to reach.

An eye for opportunity

Determination and aggression are definitely qualities that define a good entrepreneur and these are just but some of the attributes that Kamal shows as one listens to him. Having taken up a job in Kenya just before he finished his degree programme, he ceased the opportunity when a friend asked him whether he could create a programme for a bank; using his free time he took it as a second job. Deportation back to India did not stop him, he came back to Kenya and today employs more than 200 at Craft Silicon.

Concentration on growth

Start up for Kamal was as difficult as it is for every other entrepreneur, but he concentrates on the growth he has achieved through the years. With support from friends and family Craft silicon has grown to serve great blue chip companies in Kenya.

Competing at the global level                         

Kamal enjoys his work and has a big dream for Craft Silicon and Kenya in extension. He wants to concentrate on the business and take it to the next level, he is proud of the inventions Kenya has made but says more needs to be done instead of sitting on that which has already been done and says he wants to put Craft silicon on the world map. Kamal’s dream is one every entrepreneur would want to borrow from, have ambition for going global and competing with others in the global arena. This he insists is only possible if one stays committed. 

Employee relations

“You must visit Craft Silicon once”, challenges Kamal, “it’s a very conducive environment”, he adds. The importance of embracing ideas from all members of a business establishment cannot be overlooked and thus through an open working environment, and an inverted pyramid Craft Silicon has been able to maintain great relationships between members.

Business strategy

Hard work and being smart has seen Kamal go through a lot of challenges that face Craft Silicon as a growing company. Realising that there may be other people with ability, believing in them and giving them an opportunity are areas that Kamal emphasises aid growth of entrepreneurial establishments. Kamal admits that mentors are important in giving advice when required and although he did not have a mentor, through his continuous yearning for growth he has watched and learnt from a number of successful CEOs both locally and internationally. Adapting and implementing their business strategy has enabled Kamal achieved  growth and success at Craft Silicon.

Corporate Social responsibility

Growth comes with support from the community and it is always good to give back to the community, an area Kamal has put great importance and works to see young people in slum areas receive computer education and tries to find them opportunities among business peers.

Aggression, determination, being smart, passion and dreams are just but a few characteristics of Kamal’s business success story. Nothing could stop Kamal from achieving that which he has set out to do and today he travels the road destined at being a force in the international level, focussing on winning business strategy.

Download the 21 Questions interview

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