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Business ethics and effective communication has seen Parapet Cleaning services grow in business value

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At the mention of the word Parapet most of us would think “clean”. Alex Nyaga has had a journey of cleanliness right from his internship at Norfolk Hotel where he started with cleaning bathrooms. Speaking to Kwach and Angela of Easy FM, Alex speaks of his dream of becoming a hotel owner while still a hotel management student only to be hit by the harsh reality during his engagement at Norfolk, but all was not lost, as it is humble beginnings only precede success and today Alex runs the best among cleaning services providers. 

Alex has gone up the ladder taking each step and using one as a bench mark for the other. These steps have been:

  • Proper use of acquired skills
  • Passion for what he does
  • Wading through challenges effectively
  • Building a professional brand with strong business ethics
  • Effective leadership
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Organisation at start-up

His love for Kenya and the messy scenario as it was then; unemployment in the hotel industry, led him to dig deep into the skills he had learnt while studying hotel management that would apply. That is when he decided on Parapet, identifying the opportunity that presented itself in cleaning services outsourcing which was just gaining momentum in Kenya. And just like the name suggests, Parapet has remained on the top with all aimed at ensuring there is no fall. A well-structured organisation speaks volumes of Alex’s success story. Input from friends and family helped a lot in setting formidable structures for Parapet.

Passion for success

“I think first and foremost it starts with what are you passionate about” –Alex Nyaga

Passion works wonders to any business and determines the level of success to be achieved, and Alex says this is a key step in getting into business. He advises on exploring the various financing options there are for business owners, he got his from bank loans and says it takes a lot of personal sacrifices to get it done.

Challenges as a lesson

Challenges face every other entrepreneur and this does not leave out those who have achieved success in their businesses. Alex says it is not all rosy and dandy and recounts of a situation that affects a lot of business owners in Kenya; not being politically correct and not knowing the “right people”. This however shouldn’t deter entrepreneurs as there is always a way of working around challenges and getting back onto ones feet. Having strong values and holding on to them helps entrepreneurs a lot through hard times.

Building an ethical and professional brand

The value of setting up a brand and always working on reinforcing it cannot be overlooked in the building of any business and especially in the marketing bit of every small business as communication in business. Having an area that your clients get to know you for and especially one that upholds professionalism and giving a guaranteed satisfaction gives you an edge over your competitors and this is one Alex has really invested in ensuring that his services are sensitive to business ethics.

Proper leadership

The importance of identifying the most suitable leadership strategy for each business venture can be well seen in Alex’s choice of a hands on approach that he says works best to show one how best to handle the various tasks involved. Alex will always fold his sleeves, pull the gloves and work with his employees.

Rising business value

A story of grass to grace, and especially from a zero asset base to an excess of 60 million shillings in business value is what Alex speaks of today and like any other entrepreneur, he dreams and would like to keep growing, expand and diversify.  “To be the preferred cleaning and allied services provider of choice in Africa and beyond…..” is Parapets vision says Alex and to achieve this he has set a hospitality training school to bring up more people to get the job done right.

This would definitely be a story each aspiring entrepreneur would want to listen to- (Hyper linked) and get inspiration from this great business owner.

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