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Investment in partnership as a business strategy has seen Avtech become a choice for great audio visual installation contracts

Simple Alliance, Kenya Limited

As a determined, above average student in school, Ahmed Ben Bella has seen his investment grow from a rental company to a fully-fledged system installation company shared between 3 partners. Avtech Systems Ltd is a business that is at the peak of technology and as he speaks to Edward Kwach and Angela Angwenyi of Easy FM on 21 Questions there is no doubt he is going places.

Key areas that Ahmed Ben Bella says brought him to the front of audio and visual systems are:

  • Determination
  • Focus
  • Passion towards technology  
  • Ability to establish good working relationships

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Patience in Business

An appreciation for technological advancement and its impact on the world today as well as interaction with systems enabled Ahmed to establish Avtech Systems Limited. A company initially set up as a sole proprietorship is today a limited liability company with an annual turnover of nothing short of half a billion shillings with 3 directors each having their own expertise. A continuous assessment of his company and realisation that indeed there was a gap lead Ahmed to form an alliance with 2 other persons; one having financial background and the other with the technical know-how. A diverse workforce coupled with hard work, he says has seen Avtech Systems grow consistently over the years.

Rising fortunes

Starting a business from scratch is never an easy task; similarly Avtech Systems had its teething issues for the first three years in business. The equipment involved in a system integration company is expensive but with patience and steadiness, Ahmed began renting projectors with his first investment worth Kshs.500,000 from his own savings. Over 11 years in operation and with the high net worth projects the company is involved in, establishing bank relationships was necessary to aid in funding the equipment needed.

Networking and quality for great projects

As Ahmed narrates his story, it is obvious that an effective tool was networking. Through networking and forming acquaintances while in employment, Ahmed has been successful in acquiring tenders and projects for Avtech Systems one such case was during Caltex relocation to Parklands. Today he is involved in projects including digitalising the Kenya National Assembly and the East Africa Assembly. While Avtech Systems is at the top, the journey to success has been a bumpy one. One of the greatest challenges they faced was financing and procuring audio visual equipment from abroad for completion of projects. Nonetheless, Ahmed refuted failure and instead remained focussed and determined to ensure he achieved his vision of success.

Growing with the business

“They need to be focussed and they need to be determined at the end of the day they need to know that hard work pays”

This is Ahmed’s advice to prospective entrepreneurs and he advices all to start small and grow with it, step by step is definitely a concept each entrepreneur should adopt.

Giving back to the community

Based on his own shortcomings, Ahmed has chosen to sponsor students as part of Avtech’s CSR initiative. Like any other business owner he has a vision to see Avtech grow into a regional organisation in the very near future.

Determination, focus, perseverance, passion and establishment of good relationships are aspects of Ahmed’s success story that entrepreneurs should adopt. Having started small as a rental company, today Avtech has an impressive turnover as it watches Kenya grow into a digital country and it going regional.

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