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Proper Business Plan Structure

Simple Alliance, Kenya Limited


The business proposal or business plan is an important tool for your business. It helps you to undertake a number of key business operations. Some significant uses of your business plan include: 

  • Offering you guidance during the launch phase of your business
  • Helping you to operate your business during the growth phase
  • Assisting you to look for business capital from external sources 

Useful Aid

Business Plan Template

So as to guide you as you prepare your business plans, we have created a template to assist you. For your convenience, we have subdivided your business plan template into seven major segments. These sections delineate a suggested business plan structure. These sections include:

  • Preliminary aspects  
  • Business definition
  • Market identification and description
  • Business development and production
  • Sales and marketing plans
  • Business management scheme
  • Business financial matters   

Business Plan Template Particulars

Each of the above listed business plan sections offers useful insights about your business plan. For example, every segment offers you details about:

  • Its definition
  • How to create it
  • Common pitfalls
  • Suggestions for avoiding the pitfall

Practice makes perfect.  In line with this adage, we have ensured that your business plan knowledge is not only theoretical. In this light, we have developed tools that will ensure that you get practically involved in generating and assessing your own business plans.    


So as to optimally engage you in the process of making your own business plan, we have incorporated a number of relevant Toolbox constituents.  The   elements are meant to help you clarify any unclear business plan issues. Further, the Toolbox features can enable you to efficiently move through threw process of preparing a business plan.  These components include items such as:

  • Glossaries
  • Samples
  • Worksheets
Try It Yourself Section

Our business plan package ensures that your experience is fully real. To this end, we have   created and incorporated an interactive Try It Yourself segment.  This section contains a business plan prepared by another business person.  

Your Role

So as to upgrade your business plan preparation skills, we offer you the opportunity to examine those skills. You will do this testing by using the provided imaginary business plan.  After you interact with the availed business plan, your skills will be assessed and ranked. Essentially, the interchange will assess your preparedness with regard to developing your own business plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)     

We appreciate the fact that you may still have lingering questions even after going through the above business plan template items Toolbox and Try it Yourself. We have thus designed a tool that is meant to fully optimise your business plan experience.  This tool is contained in the FAQ section.

A business plan or business proposal is an essential business tool. Business plans enable you to undertake several business tasks. Specifically, it; offers you guidance during the launch phase of your business. The business plan also helps you to operate your business during the growth phase. It as well assists you to look for business capital from external sources.  The business plan is an organised document. The business plan structure contains sections such as; Preliminary aspects, Business definition, Market identification and description, Business development and production, Sales and marketing plans, Business management scheme, and Business financial matters. The above business plan template elements will guide you in preparing one for your business.

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