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Business Plan Cover Page

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The cover page is the initial, preliminary section of your business proposal or business plan. It acts as a ‘welcome’ section for your business plan.  

First Impression Matters

Your business plan needs to attract and engage audiences (usually prospective lenders) right from the word go. This goal can be attained through interesting presentation of business strategy. Usually, audiences first encounter your business plan’s cover page even before seeing the inside ‘hard’ content. You thus need to entice your audiences with properly formatted and presented business plan cover page. A sloppy cover page

Key Elements

Your business plan cover page needs to provide the following information:

  • The current date
  • Your personal name
  • The name of your business
  • Your postal address
  • Your telephone number
  • Your fax number
  • Your email address

Possible Business Plan Flops

Some business plan mistakes are likely to make your document unappealing to your audiences.  You are thus advised to avoid such problems.  Common flops include:

  • Blank cover page
  • A cover page with missing crucial details
  • Messy or disorganised cover page  

Blank Cover Page

Imagine coming across a book, magazine, or other written material whose cover is blank. If you are inside a library, you might easily put the publication aside as you look for ‘better’ material.  This is probably what a prospective lender would do to your business plan if it does not have text on its over page.      

Cover Page without Crucial Business Data

You cover page needs to clearly identify your own identity as well as the identity of your business. Other relevant details include business address and logo. If you omit these details from your business plan cover page, you make it hard for your audiences to identify your business. Take note that your prospective lenders come across many business plan documents. Your business plan thus needs to be clear enough to prevent potential financiers from having to make guesses about your identity. For instance, your contact and address details need to be clearly presented in your business plan.        

Sloppy Cover Page

How would you treat a write-up that is messy with no organisation? You would likely treat such a document as the work of a quack. Would you like your business plan to be regarded as such by potential lenders? Certainly no. You then have to properly organise your business plan cover page. Such order gives a good first impression of your business. You are thus likely to attract funding from your audiences.  

Your business plan or business proposal is a crucial document. It thus needs to be intelligible and properly organised. The cover page of your business plan is especially a crucial element of this important business document. The business plan cover page introduces yourself as well as your business to potential lenders. It also gives your audiences an idea of your character. This personal character determines how prospective lenders view your business.  The business plan contains the following details;   The current date, Your personal name, the name of your business, Your postal address, Your telephone number, Your fax number, and Your email address. You need to avoid creating messy business plans. You also need to avoid omitting important preliminary introduction from your business plan. These cautions will facilitate effective presentation of your business strategy.

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