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Good business plans give clear brand strategies. Your positioning refers to how you would like your products to be viewed by the market as well as by your competitors. Consequently, two key aspects affect your positioning. These include:

  • Your competition
  • Your customers

Major Determinants

A number of business-related factors influence your position in the market. Such factors constitute your branding strategy. These factors include:

  • Speed
  • Dependability
  • Uniqueness    
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Fashion
  • Flexibility


Your customers’ experiences influence your positioning. If you provide fast services, your customers will rank you highly. Conversely, slow handling of customer needs will make your business to be lowly positioned. Your brand strategy needs to satisfy these requirements.    


If your customers regard your business as a reliable commerce entity, your market position will go up. Otherwise, you will be rated lowly. Your marketing plan determines your operation speed.    


If you provide high quality services and goods, your business could enjoy a high market position based on customer assessments. On the other and, poor quality services and products will encourage your customers to rank your business lowly.   


Provided that they do not compromise quality, low prices will prompt your customers to regard your business as a leading market player. The inverse is true. High product prices, especially those which are not accompanied by high quality, would make your business to be rated lowly by consumers.    

NB: Customers may sometimes take your low prices to be an indication of low quality. This is likely to make your business have a low market position. Discretion is thus required when using prices as a market positioning tool.


Your position within your market is likely to be high in case your customers enjoy con convenience while transacting with you. You could introduce convenience into your service and product offerings in a number of ways. One valid way is by providing related goods and services together. For instance, you could improve customer convenience by selling bread alongside butter.


If you make your services and products fashionable, you could raise your business’ market position. For instance, you could make stylish modifications in your cars. This initiative may satisfy your customers who could reward you with an elevated market position.  


Your provision of unique services and products could motivate your customers to rate your business highly.  For example, suppose you refine your rice to make it of a higher grade than that offered by your competitors, your product becomes unique. Consequently, your customers are likely to place your business high on the market positioning continuum.   


You could incorporate convenience into your service and product offerings by allowing customers to return purchases without imposing penalties. Customers who value such flexible sale arrangements are likely to rate your business highly.   

Useful Hints

Successful market positioning requires you to undertake a number of research exercises.  These activities relate to competitor and industry analysis. In this regard, you need to:

  • Study your competitors so as to identify their vulnerabilities and strengths
  • Analyse accepted  industry practices regarding billing, pricing, or distribution 

Business plans comprise elements such as brand strategy and marketing plan. Market positioning refers to the perceptions that your customers as well as your market have about your business. Positioning is thus all about image and perception. Key factors affecting your market position include; Speed, Dependability, Uniqueness, Quality, Price, Fashion, Flexibility. These are key branding strategy elements. The major actors with regard to positioning are your customers as well as the market you operate in.

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