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Insights from Safaricom’s Investor Relations Manager Career Life

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Complement your investment plans with East Africa’s successful manager tips

Working towards achieving what you want to be is an attitude that has seen Suzanne Kadenge going places and it all doesn’t just come by a finger snap. Suzanne has steadily climbed the ladder in a relatively short time and attributes this to advice from her first boss “You must always work, dress, talk, do everything you want the way you aspire to be… you carry yourself with people, you must always work with the end product in mind” and though she admits she wasn’t among the top cream in class, Suzanne is sure a success story. She is today the Senior Manager, Investor Relations at Safaricom.

Speaking to Edward Kwach and Angela Angwenyi on Easy FM’s 21 Questions there is much investor’s would pick from Suzanne’s career story:

  • The importance of on-the job training
  • Mind your image
  • Learning early and focussing on the future
  • The importance of social media
  • Diversity in investment
  • Natural growth in entrepreneurship

On the job training

Suzanne’s story is an inspiration as she recounts her journey, where she started out as an intern “licking stamps and making calls”, ten years later, here she is handling the most important stakeholders in Central and East Africa’s leading company. While she admits that in her case a university degree did not play a major role in her success she does attribute her maturity and well –rounded character to university.  She further stresses on the necessity for adapting, seeking and being willing to continuously learn on the job.

Learn early enough and show accomplishment

Suzanne learnt early enough to stand up and speak of her accomplishments. She is focused on the future and hence her decision to enrol for a law degree  to complement her experience in the financial world.

Outsource business functions where possible

The importance of stakeholders in any business establishment cannot be overlooked and hence the importance of Suzanne’s position at Safaricom. However, you may not want to overwhelm your staff with handling all issues and hence the need to outsource and use the expertise of consultants.

The place of social media

Social media as a communication tool that never fails to feature in most success stories and listening to Suzanne speak to Edward and Angela; it is evident it has played a big part in aiding the success of the Investor Relations department at Safaricom. Recognising all channels of communication that would be preferred by your stakeholders is important to the success of your business.

Diversifying your investments

According to Suzanne, it is more beneficial to invest in high interest earning stocks than to place a chunk of money in a savings account that earns nothing. She says the stock exchange is a better option for many entrepreneurs. Suzanne has a good friend circle whom she turns to for advise be it personal or career related. I If the opportunity to start over were offered, Suzanne says the only thing she would do is ‘ask for more’ in her career and growth.

Suzanne may not be a full time entrepreneur but there is a whole lot to take away as you listen to her speak on 21 Questions. She says growth happens gradually and she may not have been confident in her earlier years but here she is today, scaling great heights and being an inspiration to a lot of ladies. Her one piece of advice which she too lives by “always act as if you are already at the point you aspire to be.”

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