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Strategic research driven to greater heights by Infotrak Harris

Simple Alliance, Kenya Limited

Strategic research solves the marketing research headache

There comes a time in one’s life when they are pushed right into the deep end and forced to swim to survival. Angela Ambitho experienced the same situation when as an MBA student her professor lit the entrepreneurial character in her. When all the answers to his questions was a simple ‘yes’ she was sure that she could no longer succeed in employment. As she speaks to Edward Kwach on 21 Questions her confidence and history of success unfolds.

Infotrak Harris is a model built on:

  • Determination to grow and survive
  • Networking and relationship building
  • Belief in being the best
  • Leadership through participation
  • Positive energy

From the confines of a house to spillage across borders

This push coupled with other eye openers that included professors and Angela’s boss saw the birth of Infotrak Harris in October 2004 from the confines of her house. Today Infotrak employs more than 40 direct staff not mentioning the many that are employed indirectly and with several office units in Africa including a new venture in Nigeria.

Networking for good business relationships

By providing market research and extensive analysis, networking with all sectors and businesses has been necessary in Angela’s line of business. She stresses that while Infotrak Harris has been involved in opinion polls and thus politics, she in fact has a huge client base with various needs.  

Taking time to build confidence and relationships

In the market research industry Angela says while there are many players out there only a few companies are categorised as powerful. This, however, should not be a hindrance for aspiring entrepreneurs and she advises that time is of essence in building confidence and relationships required in business. Barriers of entry are always there and as an entrepreneur one must find a way of leaping over and running the race. For Angela getting into opinion polling and finding a strategic partner was their big break.

Belief in one’s greatness

Angela believes in herself and knows that she is the best among her competitors in the strategic research industry, “In sampling, I use an analogy that I see all my competitors using”. This is definitely an attribute that would work to see a successful business and as she explains further, there is no doubt that Angela has a grip of what her business entails and where she intends to take it. 

Leadership styles that work

Faced with a dilemma on what leadership style to adopt? Then Angela is a perfect example- a clear indication that successful management does not require one to remain in the office and dish out instructions. She goes out to the field and as she continues with the explanation there is no doubt that she has a passion for her work, fully comprehends customer’s needs for strategic research and has all the facts on her fingertips.

It gets easier with time

Business expansion as the dream of every other business owner is certainly possible and Angela says it becomes even easier with time. Accessing finances with only a business idea to show for you is a tough one however, with time and as one act on the idea great improvement is seen in terms of capital access. Angela like all other successful entrepreneurs reiterates the importance of having faith in your own business idea and thus taking the risk she goes on to add “we use our own monies then after we have expanded and grown to a certain level then of course it’s easier to get that financing from the bank”

Keeping in the positive energy

A lot of people may discourage you as you decide to venture into entrepreneurship but Angela advices on keeping away negative energy. As much as she lost friends when she chose to start business she has gained a lot more with the growth of her business.

Angela might not have known how much entrepreneurial potential lay in her, but when the calling came through her professor she took if fully and today she can’t go unmentioned when people think of strategic research. With clear understanding and a super grip on what she does, never dying zeal to be the best and proper management, she has managed to run a model that all others want to emulate.

Copyright (C) 2016, Simple Alliance Kenya Limited

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