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Business management for a successful business

Simple Alliance, Kenya Limited

Business management styles of an empathetic leader

Muema Muindi is a sure representation of what a good professional would be. From employers not wanting to let go to the success he has seen Kenya Orient Insurance achieve so far, it all speaks for itself and even as he speaks to Edward Kwach on 21 Questions he says that he was head hunted by Kenya Orient Insurance and the variety of functions he has performed there brings out the self-belief or otherwise confidence he has in himself.

Muema Muindi has seen Kenya Orient Insurance grow a thousand fold through:

  • Understanding all functions of the business
  • Belief in himself and in the company
  • Holding to principles
  • Thinking, reflecting and sacrificing for the business
  • Proper management styles

From grass to grace

Muema knows what it means to climb the ladder step by step. When he first came back to Kenya from the United States he rolled up his sleeves and got into Kenya Orient Insurance as a Marketing Manager. Even then he did not despise the many other functions he was assigned and he worked across the various departments from Human Resources, IT, design and touched on all he was asked to. Flexibility is sure a major ingredient for success.

Belief in oneself and in the business

Belief is a facet that has enabled Muema to grow Kenya Orient Insurance to profitability. He says that it was a mix of various things that saw him have the faith that he would go places. He also attributes his success to the attitude he has towards challenges. Joining Kenya Orient Insurance was an opportunity to prove that he could impact something and this faith today sees Kenya Orient Insurance do a thousand per cent more turnover than when Muema joined.

Sticking to ones principles

Hurdles on tracks do not discriminate and as it is they may tend to even go for those we would call the sharpest pencil in the box. Muema at some point thought Kenya Orient was not doing the right thing and even tendered in his resignation. This time, he says brought in change to the organisation and from then the sky has been the limit for the organisation.

Sacrificing for the sake of others

Thinking and reflecting helps a lot to map the way forward and Muema who would pass for a modern Kenyan success story says he does this a lot and the selflessness in him has seen him sacrifice for the good of the company and this is sure paying off for him as he sees soaring profits for the firm. “There are times when I didn’t take my salary because I wanted other people to take their salary…you sacrifice and take the hits…you look at your people and say first them and then me”

Management styles

Muema does not let his position keep him aloof from his people in the organisation and as he talks about his open door policy it is clear that he is a friendly Managing Director who empathises with his staff.

What to look for in a leader

For others in business Muema advises that looking for a leader has nothing to do with the technical aspect but rather the soft aspects of life and aspirations. He also believes that at some point he has to go out of the way and leave that opportunity for others and mostly those he would mentor to take up his position and see businesses grow great. His advice to young people “guys, go to school….there are guys like us looking for you”.

Muema’s story is one that truly inspiring and with belief in oneself many others will get to where he is and there will be many other successful businesses just like Kenya Orient Insurance. Listen to his story and follow that great lead.

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