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Investment bankers tips from the best of investment companies

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Engaging the investment companies

Entrepreneurship in its various forms requires an understanding of the field one is venturing into and Anthony Munyiri’s interview with Edward Kwach and Angela Angwenyi on 21 Questions attests to this. Investment in bonds is a complex area for many entrepreneurs but Anthony’s expertise of his field is bound to make it easier for most if not all entrepreneurs with the intent of investing in bonds.

The following are tips to learn from Munyiri’s story:

  • Understand the bonds markets
  • Taking advantage of the gap in the market
  • Requirements for aspiring investment bankers
  • The need to push on

Munyiri the entrepreneur

Munyiris educational background could not have pointed out that he would eventually venture into the bonds but his career first as a financial clerk and a sales executive saw him develop interest in the bonds market and his self-determination and mastery of this has seen him sit at the helm of one of the best investment companies in Kenya. In addition Munyiri the entrepreneur has a variety of other business ventures which he says is as a result of him surrounding himself with the right people. This is besides the fact that he had the required resources to set up these businesses that range from clothing lines, to real estate, financial services, property management, transport and tours and travel.

What is bonds market?

Munyiri explains what the bonds market involves and tries to make it as simple as possible for all to understand and explains the process that one goes through when they trade in bonds. His advice on the best time to invest in bonds goes further to advice entrepreneurs that the relationship they have with the investment company really matters in this. He assures all that an investment with Standard Investment Bank is a guarantee that their money will grow faster.

Taking advantage of the gap in the market

Identifying a gap in the market is one of the channels through which an entrepreneur gets into entrepreneurship and this was Anthony’s point of entry into the bonds market as an investment banker. Putting together his skills and the knowledge he had he saw a niche to change the market and capitalised on it and as Kwach puts it, “You do it like a fish in water”

Requirements for aspiring investment bankers

For the many who would like to become investment bankers there are various requirements that would be of essence including; a degree within the financial field, marketing and sales expertise and a professional course which in turn assures one of licences from the Securities Exchange..

Never turning back

With his “foot on the gas” Anthony says that he is never turning back and with his various successful business establishments he knows where he wants to go. He does not intend to ease off on the accelerator and for him the sky is the limit, there is no end to it and his wish is to grow bigger with an aim of creating opportunities for the less fortunate.

Anthony is a success story that every other business owner would like to borrow from and use a few of the tips he gives to better their establishments. For those who would like to venture into the bonds  market then the wealth of resources in Anthony’s talk cannot be overemphasised and you have to listen to him talk and there is no doubt you will be good enough to go.

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