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Mentors role in business growth

Simple Alliance, Kenya Limited

Mentors aiding a steady business growth for Public Relations Mogul

You first saw her on TV as a business reporter and business anchor and what might not have hit you then is that the stories she brought to you were a challenge to her and an inspiration that has seen her establish her own Public Relations firm–Cynthia Nyamai Communications. Right from the beginning of her interview with Edward Kwach and Angela Angwenyi on Easy FMs 21 Questions there is evidence of determination, persistence and excellence as she recounts of how she got her first job at KTN and speaks of her award as a business journalist with Diageo where she competed with the best from top international media houses.

Cynthia Nyamai Communications has experienced a steady growth over a short period of time because of the following positive attributes:

  • Cynthia’s knowledge and experience in media and communication
  • Sacrifice at start-up
  • Offering the best
  • Facing challenges with faith
  • Early planning
  • Impeccable mentors

Using your strengths

Cynthia knows her strengths very well and understands what she needs to deliver to her clients. This she says is what gives her an advantage over her competitors to the extent that some of them seek her expertise  in handling some of their PR engagements. Having worked with media she is well informed of the ins and outs especially in media relations. Her experience in the communication field has enabled her plan and thus effectively delivers Cynthia Nyamai Communications as a top PR firm in Kenya today.

Understanding business functions

The importance of one’s business functions and being able to sell the idea to potential clients is a great contributor to successful businesses. Although she admits working with Politicians is a challenge, Cynthia is already well aware of the PR gap in that area thus  intends to work with them until a time when they are able to use better communication strategies and understand the role of Public Relations in their campaigns. Here her clear understanding and grasp of what communication is, comes out.

Sacrificing for the business

Sources of business capital are varied and for Cynthia she used her savings to establish the PR firm and even sold some of her property to finance her business start-up. “….and I also sold my car” She however realises that with expansion she will definitely need business institutions and with a foreign partner which has seen her grow steadily in the last eight months. Having started off by herself she has grown to a point where she now has three other people with her and uses the services consultants.

Giving the best

The fact that Cynthia is not forced in to the market to sign on projects and is chased by clients is testament that she produces the best in her work. Her greatest asset she says is relationships; knowing how to talk to people and leaving a mark that will see to it that each interaction she makes will have someone thinking PR and immediately thinking of Cynthia.

Facing challenges with faith

Challenges are inevitable in business, for Cynthia the lowest moments are when clients do not keep their promises to pay and gets her worried of how she will pay her staff, this however has not deterred her from her work and now she has found ways of working around this. She recognises the power of prayer and says it has helped her remain strong amidst all challenges that come with entrepreneurship.

Early planning

There is no doubt that Cynthia is on a path that is going places and she says having planned for this early enough and knowing what would open the door for her has seen her be who she is today. Maintaining clients as an aspect of success in business is clear in Cynthia’s story. “I like mentioning Tabitha, because I started with Tabitha when she was really small and I have enjoyed growing with her and she has really inspired me”


Cynthia has enjoyed the mentorship of Kenya’s and Africa’s best entrepreneur James Mwangi of Equity Bank and he told her that once they are done she will be greater than him. It speaks tonnes on the role of mentors in entrepreneurship. Her advice to women entrepreneurs; “There are opportunities and women have great gifts……and the world has recognised that for us to build the economy we need women”.

Cynthia just started and is going places. With persistence and determination she is clearly headed for excellence. These complemented with excellent mentors, passion for what she does, clear understanding and a great way of working around challenges, there is no doubt that Cynthia is a force to reckon with in the Public relations industry.

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