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Effective Business Leadership

Simple Alliance, Kenya Limited

Manage your business successfully through effective leadership

Effective leadership in business consists of the following:

  • Dynamism and being visionary
  • Emotional stability, dominance and enthusiasm
  • Excellence and an inward drive
  • Being compulsive, intuitive and having empathy
  • Well-structured decision making
  • Being a peoples manager

It is important to identify whether you have what it takes to be a leader as you manage your business. There are specific characteristics that are associated with effective leadership in business and it would be critical that a business owner cross examines themselves to determine whether they possess these qualities of a leader. Here we shall outline some of the skills that a business owner requires to be able to lead his members of staff towards a successful business.

Welcome necessary change

Leadership in a business involves dynamism as opposed to the traditional view of maintaining a status quo. It is important that a business owner be not only sensitive to paradigm changes but also keen on ethics and do business with integrity. Being a leader involves being a learner and not only being a teacher. This to a great extent calls for them to be visionary.

Have thick skin

A leader needs to have emotional stability, is dominant and is known to be enthusiastic. This is to mean that a leader should have the maturity psychologically to be able to handle anything that business situations throw their way. Additionally they should be competitive and have the zeal to jump over obstacle; this is achieved with assertiveness in your leadership styles which must be complemented by being active and expressing energy as you go about the activities in the business field.

Have inward motivation

Excellence is an inward drive that pushes leaders to work for the best they can achieve in their businesses; this to a great extent requires self-discipline and does not come unless one has the willingness to undertake risks. With risks a business leader must know that they should not hold failure against them and should work on ways of seeing that failure a stepping stone to better things. With this you must be conscientious, have self-boldness and learn to always embrace self-reassurance.

Predict possible outcomes

Being compulsive, having intuition and empathy are also management skills key to a business leader and with this he also must have charisma. A business owner should know and pre-empt the outcome of the social interactions they have and make wise decisions with regards to that. With this they need to put themselves in the other person’s shoes and try to understand their feelings from that perspective. With all this you need to convince people that the larger than life perception they accord you is not for nothing but rather have a vision that will be seen to be working to propel you towards success.

Be a decision maker

It is important for a business manager to learn to make decisions as much as this may appear to be a heavy task. Always have a step by step decision making procedure that is critically thought of and will lead to a sensible outcome. You need to define, brainstorm, and visualize outcomes of the various alternatives removing all those alternatives that will not work well for your projected objectives. Once you have done all this you need to set your decisions rolling and not attempt to second guess as it will only work to cause you more problems.

Under decision making as a business leader it is important that you at all times should take initiative and avoid relying so much on expert advice. It is important that you believe in your own feelings at times and control the advice you take from others in terms of decision making. This however does not mean that you shouldn’t listen to others at all, some of the advice they may have for you as pertains business would be important, the key thing would be filtering it appropriately.

Manage people effectively

Effective managerial skills would call for a business leader who knows how to manage the people they work with and this would involve the employees you have in your small business. Understanding them and having a clear view of their abilities and capabilities is key to you being a good leader for your business. This would take into account all issues that deal with information given to employees and its confidentiality therein and also issues to do with employee welfare.

It is therefore necessary for a business owner to search themselves and have a reflective session to find out what they already have that constitutes the qualities of a leader in business and try seal any loopholes that may present themselves. As it is leaders are never born, they are made and hence every entrepreneur has the capacity of becoming a leader in their business. All they need is self-drive, be visionary and have empathy for others as the key attributes.

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