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Explore Loans, Grants and Funding

Simple Alliance, Kenya Limited

A worry among many aspiring entrepreneurs and new business owners is the source of funding for their various ventures. This many a times causes some of them to abandon their dreams that would have otherwise grown to very successful business. There is however no need to worry about this as there is a variety of options when it comes to financing your small business. There are several other opportunities that one may want to consider in addition to the traditional loans available for business start-up that range from grants and bonds to investor-based venture capital.


After you have settled for a certain business idea you will definitely have a rough idea of what you would need in terms of financial resources. This is especially true if you have a well worked out business plan that will help you project your business activities and expected inflow. At this point you will be able to approach the various financial institutions that offer business loans to put forward your case. In addition to commercial banks that are well known for offering loans to small business owners, different industries have organisations that may offer loans to entrepreneurs. An example would be the Agriculture Finance Corporation for them who may choose to venture into agriculture. Some of these institutions however offer material and not financial loans. It is important for you as a business owner to understand the terms and conditions that apply for every loaning institution you approach and ensure that they are in line with your objectives and you will be able to handle them.


 Though in most cases grants are hard to come by and would not cover the total amount required for business start-up they help a lot in complementing any other capital source you may have for your business. In Kenya they are mostly offered by Non-Governmental organisations and are industry specific. They are mainly available for businesses that are seen to offer growth to the wider society and you as the business owner needs to convince the grant givers that the business is worth the offer. Grants are however not only limited to such and could be offered to anyone depending on their aggression and ability to market their ideas.

Venture Capital

 Venture capital refers to type of equity financing which caters for businesses that may not be able to seek capital from the traditional sources such as banks and public markets. This may be due to the size of the businesses, its assets or its stage of development. With this therefore the financier gives cash in return for shares in the business or an assured active role in the running of the business. This may continue to a certain time depending on the terms agreed upon the financier and the business owner.

Finding Loans & Grants

The government of Kenya offers business start-up loans for different groups under various programs that could be helpful to many aspiring entrepreneurs who are thinking of setting up ventures. This would probably be the first stop that business owners should take when looking for capital for their businesses. Banks and financial institutions in Kenya are always ready to offer loans to business owners on condition that they will present and argue out their case. There are a lot of micro finance institutions that would be of great help to new business owners. As earlier seen industrial associations and NGOs have loans and grants that would work great cater for new business owners. While in need of additional information about finding loans and grants for business start-up, networking, trade associations and the internet would be great resources for this.

You sure do not have a reason to kill that dream you have always had of being a successful entrepreneur, with a well worked out plan you are sure to find the requisite finances to start and run your business.

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