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Local resources

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Looking for resources to help you start manage and grow your small business to successful heights may prove to be a daunting task if you do not have a clue on where to access these resources. It is important to note that locally sourced resources work best in ensuring the sustainability of your small business due to their affordability. These resources vary from one industry to another but they generally involve all that a business owner needs in order to be able to manage his or her business and include human resources, financial resources and even the material he or she would need to come up with the final product or service for the customers. The greatest resource however would be the information a business owner needs to successfully run their business.


There are several options that a new business owner would consider looking into while seeking the various resources that would help them in the course of managing and running their business.


Networking a resource

As seen in many other segments that we have tackled the various aspects of starting a business, perhaps networking is the single most powerful tool for an aspiring entrepreneur or a new business owner. The people around you and especially them who have been involved in similar business ventures will to great extent offer important information on most if not all the resources you need to run your business.


The wealth of Trade Associations

Trade associations also are great resource centres for anyone who intends to start a business or them who are new in business. Depending on the industry one engages in, there are different trade associations in Kenya which have wealth of resources both in terms of books in libraries or the expertise of other members of these trade associations. This resource is however fully available to members of the trade associations and it would be important that you as the business owner consider joining these trade associations and subscribe as a member.


Use of libraries

Libraries are also a great resource centre for aspiring and new business owners. Libraries are usually stocked with books on different topic areas and hence this touches on the various different industries anyone would want to establish. It further has the advantage of having books that cover the general information that would cut across the many business industries that different business owners would invest in. libraries can be found in the major town and cities in Kenya with the public ones being free to access but a small fee for the private ones. Mobile libraries can also be a resource centre for those entrepreneurs in small towns.


Local institutions

 Local universities and colleges can work resource centres, especially in the development of new content and strategies for the new business venture. Being different from competitors is a strength that a new business owner would come with into the field and this can be best achieved through the new ideas and strategies that university and college students come with. These institutions also couple as a centre for human resource in the sense that a new business owner would get employees for their business. This is important considering the affordability pegged on them as opposed to employing experienced employees in relation to a new business venture.


The power of new-age technology

The internet in this new age has worked to make everything easy by the click of a button and this includes resourcefulness in business. The internet has a lot of published articles and sites that would help guide new business owners in their attempts to acquire resources for their businesses. It is however important to note that not everything on the internet can be trusted and it is therefore important that a business owner exercises discretion while using it as a resource centre.

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