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Marketing a new business

Simple Alliance, Kenya Limited

The idea in marketing a new business is to be aggressive and become well known locally. As Mayumi Mendoza states “not every good idea succeeds” and the same way not every business would succeed hence the need of effective marketing during start-up. This can be achieved through various ways, each of which is designed to achieve a specific objective. Each of the marketing strategies to be adopted is also dependent on the type of business and therefore do not cut across the board. It is therefore important for you as a business owner to determine how best you will market your new business.

Know your target market

The first step towards anything has always been to know those you need to be with and the same applies for marketing a new business. As a business owner you need to know those people you are targeting to avoid sending out messages to people who will not bother to process them and in the long run end up using resources and yielding no results.  You therefore need to determine your target market.

Inform your customers

You then need to sensitise the determined target market on the availability of that which you know they need; inform the customers of what you have for them. This can simply be achieved through letting your potential customers know what kind of goods you have for sale or the services you have to offer as a business. For the case of the SME sector in Kenya one would consider the use leaflets or brochures to be distributed in the neighbourhood. The use of press releases for possible publication in print and electronic media also goes a long way in marketing a starting business.

Persuade your customers

Persuading your customers to come buy goods from you or seek services from your establishment works to sell your upcoming business. Writing a sales copy is a good example of a marketing strategy that one can use online to market their business. This works best when in it testimonials from other customers happy with your business are pasted for potential ones to see. The role of sales representatives is key here as they would work to persuade new customers for the business.

Work with existing customers to get new ones

Existing customers are crucial and very important to a business at any stage and especially at the start-up stage. A business owner needs to hold on to them as it is harder and more expensive to sell to a new customer than to one who already knows your product or the quality of your service. Their role in bringing in new customers cannot be debated. There therefore needs to be regular product and service updates for this group and offers that will work to maintain your customer base and help it grow.


Establish customer loyalty

Customer loyalty to your product or service is important and you need to establish how to achieve this. This to a great extent contributes to the sustenance of your business. You would not like a scenario whereby you earn a customer and loose many more in the process. The base needs to grow. Having exceptional customer services works great in achieving this, the politeness of you staff to the customers and the quality of your goods and services is a sure way to keep that which you have and earn more. Work to determine whether your customers are pleased with what you offer and see to in that those who are displeased are made to feel good about the business.

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