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Social marketing, use of social networking as business strategy

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Use social media as a channel for effective social marketing as a marketing strategy

 It is not uncommon to see social media campaigns fall or fail to grow a short while after being initiated. This can be attributed to entrepreneurs’ lack of knowledge on how to handle these campaigns. It is important to realise the difference between social media and social marketing. While one acts as a platform the other is the actual activity that takes place. Social media acts as a channel through which entrepreneurs can communicate their social marketing messages.

Understand your target market

The success of your business is determined by your target market that is the existing and the potential customers. Unlike direct marketing the objective of social marketing is not on direct sales but rather works as a service for your target market. Social marketing happens both during pre-sales and post sales period and is therefore a continuous journey. Due to this you have to think of it at the onset of your marketing strategy and not plan to adopt it somewhere in the course of implementing the strategy.

Offer customers content

The customer is all when it comes to social marketing and it is important that you allow them and facilitate the marketing process. As seen earlier, social marketing is not aimed at sales and its effectiveness is hence measured by customer action. In this case we would look at how much your customers have done to put out a good word for you out there. This would be seen in the sense of having positive messages about your products and services on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and even Pinetrest among others. Here you need to give the masses something to talk about as they go about social networking and in doing so ensure it is positive to reinforce your businesses reputation. Negative message will have an equal impact on the interactions people have with regard to your business establishment only this time with detrimental impact on the business.

Communicate your brand

Understand that social marketing involves communicating your brand and sharing it with others. Suggestions and recommendations from a third party are more likely to have more impact to your potential customers out there as compared to those from members of the business or the people behind the brand. It is therefore important that your social marketing message is designed in such a way that it appeals to influencers out there who will share it out with the rest.

Transform your marketing strategy into a success

To achieve success in social marketing there are various aspects that you may want to put into consideration. Having an integrated approach is a sure way of seeing the success of your social marketing approach; it is important that you also understand your target market and identify the pulls and those which would turn them off. This will help you while coming up with a content strategy which you must ensure will be engaging once you roll it out on social media.

With changes in technology and most channels going digital there is no doubt that social marketing will be a requisite aspect for the success of most if not all business establishment. It is therefore important for entrepreneurs to understand that the difference between social media and social marketing does not only lie in the name but rather on how one adapts to social media and uses it for the success of their business.

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