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Ensuring Resource Efficiency: Reduction of Solid Waste through the Saving of Input Materials for the Developing and Fixing of Films

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A Graphic Design Company in Mexico

In brief

The graphic design company realized that by changing their production process, they were able to reduce materials used to create solutions and fixer for films by 50%. With this measure, waste and consequently environmental impacts have been reduced.

The challenge

As a family business, procedures were passed from generation to generation without modification. Every day at 8 am, the solutions for development and fixing were prepared. The solutions had to be ready before the start of the day. However, if there was no work on a particular day, unused solutions had to be disposed of, thus increasing waste and costs for the development and fixing of the films.

Actions taken within the enterprise (after the application of the PREMA GHK guide)

Review of practices related to development and fixing, and revision of the quantities used in this activity.

Preparation of development and fixing solution only in case it is needed.

The solutions (development and fixing) are prepared using half of the amount previously used (2 – 4 liters).

Environmental benefits

Eighty (80) liters of development and 30 liters of fixer have been saved per year. Through such saving, the environmental impact of liquid waste (including toxic materials) has been reduced substantially. At the same time, water contamination through contact with hazardous substances is avoided.

Economic benefits

Investment cost


No investment necessary

Operational costs


Cost savings/ year


KES341 through saving 80 liters of development solution

KES66 through the saving of 30 liters of fixing solution

Payback time


Organizational benefits

Services are now more carefully planned, while still guaranteeing production times and motivating workers to use input materials only if necessary. The change of habits after many years has helped to create a culture of innovation in the company.

Occupational health and safety improvements

Workers are now in less contact with hazardous liquids on a daily basis.

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