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Provided by Government of Kenya - Ministry of Labor

Workplace accidents continue to be reported regularly and the rights of injured workers constantly need to be addressed. The laws that govern theses rights therefore need to be enforced in a fair way so that all parties are comfortable and assured that they will be looked after should anything occur. Of particular interest to a new entrepreneur, there are Five labor laws enacted in Kenya in 2007 and commenced in June 2008. These laws were as follows:

  • The Labor Institutions Act,
  • The Employment Act,
  • The Labor Relations Act,
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act and
  • The Work Injury Benefits Act.

 They provide for safer, healthier work conditions, better terms, improved relations between employers, employees and unions, better dispute resolution, gender equality and compensation for work-related injuries and diseases. Apart from wage matters, the last issue is probably most central to the improvement of workers’ welfare locally. To view these laws fully visit the Ministry of Labor website following the link below, also below is the direct link t the department of health and safety outlining current laws and bill awaiting to be passed in parliament.

For more information on Kenyan Labour related information. Please visit the Ministry of Labor Website.

Copryright 2016 Government of Kenya - Ministry of Labor

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