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Ukraine - Traveling

Contents extracted from the comprehensive atlas of international trade by Export Entreprises

Entry requirements

Organizing your trip

Means of transport recommended in town

The Ukraine has a relatively dense public transport network: trains, buses, minibuses, trolley buses, trams, taxis and subway in the big towns.
Maps of urban networks: Maporama

Means of transport recommended in the rest of the country

The Ukraine offers a wide range of national means transport, serving all major towns: planes, trains, buses, minibuses and taxis are common and cheap.
Name Type Domestic flights International flights
Ukraine International Airlines Traditional Yes Yes
Aerosvit Airlines Traditional Yes Yes
Aerostar Airlines (website in Ukranian) Charter Yes No

Traveling by yourself

Recommendation: The road network is in poor condition. Drive carefully, avoid driving at night outside the cities, watch the behavior of local people, who often do not respect the highway code or traffic rules generally. Also watch the pedestrians. Having insurance for your vehicle is compulsory.
Road maps: Road maps
Find an itinerary: Multimap


Different forms of tourism

Historical: There are many castles and fortresses from the Middle Ages to visit in western Ukraine.
Cultural: Many festivals enliven Ukraine's cultural life.
Nature: There are numerous sites in the country that are recognized by the UNESCO.
Religious: Ukraine is the cradle of the Orthodox religion.
Thermal: The thermal towns are Truskavet, Morshyn et Skhidnytsia.
Beach: Ukraine's most beautiful beaches are in the Crimea.
Winter sports: Ukraine's winter tourism is concentrated in the Carpathian mountains.
Shopping: KievUkraine provides information on shopping in Kiev.

Living conditions

Health and safety

Health precautions: There are no vaccination requirements for international travel.

However, the virulence of the swine 'flu (H1N1) forces travelers to seriously consider getting vaccinated against it. Likewise, there are areas in the country with risks of tuberculosis and where it is recommended to have the BCG vaccine. Lastly, the AIDS pandemic should not be ignored.

To avoid any risk of diphtheria, tourists and travelers who wish to travel, from spring to autumn outside large urban areas in the Ukraine, must absolutely be vaccinated against diphtheria and avoid, as far as possible, drinking tap water. Water taken from sources which are supposedly to be drinkable must be systematically boiled and if possible, filtered. Moreover, when walking in the forest, you should wear clothes which cover your arms and legs. This is because ticks, which carry encephalitis, fall from trees and attach themselves to exposed limbs.

For further information on sanitary conditions: Travel information

Time difference and climate

Map of the time zone: Kiev (GMT+2 in winter, GMT+3 in summer)
Summer time period: Summer time from March to October.
Climate: Ukraine has a temperate continental climate and a Mediterranean type climate on the shores of the Black Sea and the Crimean peninsula. Average temperatures vary between -10 to +2°C in winter, and near +10°C in summer.


Food specialties: - Vareniki: a sort of ravioli stuffed with soft white cheese, meat or potatoes;
- Borshch: a beetroot based soup;
- Pampushki: small fresh bread rolls which are eaten with borshch;
- Galushki: a kind of gnocchi served with sour cream;
- Salo: sliced, smoked bacon;
- Farshirovannie pertsi:  stuffed sweet peppers; the stuffing is made of a mixture of ground meat and rice;
- Farshirovannie sinenkie - eggplant with a vegetable stuffing (carrot, onion, cabbage);
- Golubtsi - stuffed cabbage.
Drinks: Ukrainian vodka is called the horilka or samohon if it is made at home. It can be flavored with honey or fruit. Ukrainian wine is produced in Crimea. In terms of non-alcoholic drinks, there is kompot, which is fruit juice and the kvass, which is a traditional drink made from rye.
Dietary taboos: No specific culinary restrictions in Ukraine.


Getting some knowledge: Linguashop: Language learning software website.
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