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Project Planning Checklist

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1.  The checklist enumerates items that are to be accomplished in the planning of the project.  This is not an exhaustive list. For some of your projects, a number of items may not be applicable and can therefore be deleted for the checklists for those projects.  For other projects, some items may not be listed and therefore have to be added to the checklists for those projects.  The checklist template is flexible enough to incorporate these additions or deletions for a specific project.

2.  Enter the project start date and project end date in the space allocated for these information.  Then enter the checklist accomplishment date.  This accomplishment date will allow you to monitor any changes that arise as a result of completion of specific items in the checklist during the period between checklist accomplishment dates.

3.  For each item, place a check in the Yes or No column depending on whether the item has been accomplished or not.  Enter the planned completion date and planned effort (hours) for each of the items.  If you placed a check in the Yes column for a specific item, enter the actual completion date and actual effort (hours).

4.  You can decide to regularly monitor changes to this checklist by identifying schedules on when to update this checklist. The updates can be monitored through the changing accomplishment dates for the checklist.  This will give the project team (specifically the project manager) an idea of how much is being accomplished throughout the planning duration.


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